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"These people are great. We buy from them every year at the Texas State Fair even when we say that we are not! They are just that good and always have what we are wanting and offer something else that’s amazing based on what we’re wanting."

Christian Person - Testimonial

""Customer service is very welcoming, I came with my daughter to purchase one oil for herself and I end up purchasing some for myself along with a bottle of perfume. The price is great 👍 The person that attended to us is knowledgeable. I really recommend this place “Dallas Perfumes”.""

""We come to Max every 3-6 months for our cologne, perfume and computer needs. He is like family now!! Best customer service, great prices, honest business man and he loves people and selling quality products. So personable and really listens to his customers. The area is out of our way from where we live but worth it.""

Tam Christian - Google Review

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